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Community Outreach


At Dream Team Racing Stable, we realize that part of our role as good stewards of horse racing goes far beyond the race track ovals we visit and more than an afternoon of watching athletes compete.

Our stable is a contributing member to the Permanent Disabled Jockey Fund (PDJF) that assists and supports injured jockeys and backstretch employees that provide the foundation to the sport with their tireless efforts. Unfortunately, horsemen and horsewomen expose themselves every day to the dangers of working with these beautiful, strong-willed yet fragile animals. The PDJF has done a great job over the last decade to help those that otherwise would have suffered even greater losses.

There is no doubt that we have some of the best partners in any sports industry and our stable feels fortunate in being able to support our horse racing friends.  We have launched several initiatives for this cause and we'll always look for opportunities to continue to give back to the sport that means so much to many of us. Our partner owners prefer to keep these donations private; with respect to those wishes, we will only share the web site so more interested participants can assist individually by going to www.pdjf.org for more details.

During 2011, DTRS will highlight projects and programs that will continue to move our sport in the right direction and in support of our communities and horse racing fans.  Along with support of various charitable organizations and even sharing of purse earnings, our "Team of Excellence" will host free seminars at various tracks and racing locations to promote horse ownership as another informational resource to our current and prospective partners.

We realize that in order for our sport to grow and flourish, we need to continue to have well informed owners, fans and enthusiasts join the ranks of horse ownership. 

Whether you are a current single owner, member of a partnership group or just a fan, education, knowledge and information are powerful tools for anyone interested in investigating the opportunities of horse ownership and our team will conduct seminars to provide the following benefits...

 blue-star.jpg Learn first-hand of the Dream Team Racing Stable's benefits model

 blue-star.jpg Meet sport's leaders & guests (trainers, owners, jockeys, breeders, industry officials)

 blue-star.jpg Visit the barn and tour track facilities  

 blue-star.jpg Review current ownership opportunities

 blue-star.jpg Understand ownership basics including offerings, contracts, tax benefits and more

 blue-star.jpg Receive answers to questions regarding horse ownership