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Q: Why did you start the Dream Team Racing Stable, LLC?

A: We started the Dream Team Racing Stable, LLC as a direct result of several friends, business associates, and relatives expressing an interest in investing in a racehorse on a limited basis. Many of our colleagues and friends have witnessed the management team's success and have expressed an interest in getting into the business with a minimal amount of investment and a need to diversify the inherent risk associated with horse ownership. Affordable ownership at reduced risk with our unique perspective, proven and result oriented model should be an asset to all our partners.

Q: What does it cost to purchase an interest in a racehorse?

A: Thoroughbred racehorses range in price from as little as a few thousand dollars to as much as fifteen million dollars or more. The Dream Team Racing Stable, LLC concentrates on horses in the value range of up to the $190,000 range (ideally, between $100k and $150K). We believe that this price range adequately allows us to compete at the highest levels of the racing industry. Although the odds of finding a better horse slightly increases with price, we believe that the additional cost to purchase a $500,000 horse is not worth the slight increase in odds that it will perform better and/or make more money.

Q: What is the smallest percentage of a horse that you can purchase?

A: At Dream Team Racing Stable, LLC, you can purchase as little as 1% (one percent) of any of our offerings. We highly recommend that you minimize your risk by diversifying your investment. For example, we suggest that rather than buy 10% of a horse, you purchase 2 or 3% of several horses. That way, should one horse not perform up to expectations and/or be impacted by illness or injuries, you still have other horses to help carry the cost.

Q: Who makes decisions regarding the racehorses?

A: All of our owners contribute in decisions regarding the horses based on the percentage of ownership. Owners decide all major issues. The stable's management team acts as the communication conduit and will poll all owners regarding most major decisions involving the race horse. In the event of an emergency, that does not allow us enough time to poll the owners, the racing manager will make the decision, keeping in mind that he/she would always act in the best interest of both the owners and the horse.

Q: Are there additional costs for owning a racehorse.

A: Yes. As part of purchasing an ownership interest, owners must pay their share of the monthly expenses of each horse. All expenses are budgeted for annually and owners are billed quarterly in advance. Your share would be based on the percentage of ownership that you purchased. For example, if you purchased 1% of a racehorse, your monthly expenses would be approximately $65.77 per month. We budget for typical expenses, but we do not budget for extraordinary expenses. For example, should a horse require surgery, an additional cost would be shared by all the owners based on the ownership interest. This is unusual, but it can happen with unforeseen situations. Expenses are billed quarterly in advance.

Q: Are there any risks associated with racehorse ownership?

A: Yes, the risks can be significant. Horses are wild, fragile animals and are susceptible to illness, injury, lightning, hurricanes, and death. Before you invest in this business, you must be willing to accept these risks.  If you get involved in the game, you should be willing and capable of accepting the inherent risks of horse ownership right along the great opportunities of the benefits.

Q: Do you have to be licensed to own an interest in a racehorse?

A: Licensing laws vary by State and the percentage of ownership interest that you have in a horse. In New York you are required to get a license if we have less than 35 partners or if we have 35 partners or more and you own at least 3%. In Florida, you need a license only if you own 10% or more of a horse. In Kentucky, only the Managing Partner needs to be licensed. The Dream Team Racing Stable, LLC will assist you through this process once you purchase an ownership interest in one of our racehorses.

Q: When and how often do I get paid?

A: Purses are typically distributed quarterly, at the end of the first month of each quarter. Typical fees are deducted by the track and commissions for the jockey and trainer are also deducted. For example, if a horse wins a maiden special weight race at Belmont, it typically earns a purse of about $31,000. After all appropriate fees are deducted and a fee paid to the trainer and jockey, the net proceeds typically are about $23,000. If you owned 1% of that horse, you would receive a check for $230.  If the earnings for a quarter is rather small, we will add the earnings to the capital account for the horse and use the earnings to reduce future quarterly payment for expenses.

Q: Does the Dream Team Racing Stable, LLC charge a management fee?

A: No. Unlike many racing partnerships, we do not charge a management fee. We make money just like you do – by owning a percentage of the horses and having those horses win races and be successful on the track or when selling the horse.

Q: Where do you stable Dream Team Racing Stable, LLC horses?

A: Dream Team's horses are stabled at multiple locations including initial home bases at Belmont (NY), Fair Hill Training Center (MD), Gulfstream Park (FL) and Churchill or the Lexington Thoroughbred Center (KY). Occasionally, we may stable at other tracks also.

Q: What are the benefits of ownership?

A: The benefits of ownership are numerous - if you are a licensed owner. Some owners will take great advantage of the benefits while others may never partake of any of the benefits.

A partial list of the benefits follows (benefits vary by state and track):

Free admission to the track
Free programs at some tracks
Free owners parking at most tracks
Paddock attendance before all races
Track attendance in the morning to watch workouts
Free visitation to the barn and back-stretch area
Visits during hours not open to the public
Watching races from the owner's box
Pride of ownership
The thrill of victory
Attending the winner's circle photo
Meeting and socializing with other owners
Heart-pounding excitement


Note: A State issued license/credentials may be required to partake of some of the benefits listed above.

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  blue-star.jpg "I'm impressed with everything I've seen with Dream Team. I'm happy I found you and even happier I made the decision to join in what I KNOW will be a long term relationship." (V., New York)