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Investment Fees


The following represents the budgeted monthly costs for each horse based  on each 1% ownership (one share):

$65.77 per month. See budget below.



1. Costs (expenses) are invoiced quarterly in advance. To determine the amount for larger percentages, multiply the above figures by the percent you intend to purchase or call us and we will be happy to assist you in calculating the amount.

2. These costs (expenses) are the typical expenses incurred for each horse owned.  If the actual costs vary from the budget, the budgeted costs (expenses) will be adjusted either downward or upward to reflect the actual costs.  Adjustments will be made after the end of the 2YO year based on the Operating Agreement for each horse.  Through the 2 year old year, payments are fixed at $65.77 per share per month as stated in the Operating Agreement document.

3. Extraordinary expenses are not budgeted for, but would still be required to be paid, should such events occur.  The most difficult cost to budget for is the vet expenses, which can vary significantly from horse to horse.

Most horses will not exceed the budgeted expenses, but it is possible - should unforeseen situations occur (extraordinary vet bills, injury, litigation, etc.).



The following represents the budgeted monthly costs based on the $65.77 per share payment per month:

Training Day Rate                                                    $  3,100

Blacksmith                                                                $    180

Vet Expenses                                                            $  1,000

Misc. (Shipping, vitamins, equipment, etc.)             $    200

Bookkeeping*                                                           $    275

Annual Tax Return/K-1 Document Preparation       $    208

Office Expense                                                          $    699

Overhead Allocation*                                               $    915


TOTAL MONTHLY BUDGET    $6,577 or $65.77 per share per month.

*- denotes fixed expenses, everything else is variable. 


  ...note from a partner...

blue-star.jpg"Entering in to my first horse racing partnership, I was naturally very nervous and did not know what to expect. But after meeting with the executive team and visiting the training center, all that changed!  I was very impressed with their top class facility and the people that took care of the animals were incredible. The trainer answered all the questions I had and really made me feel even more comfortable with my investment. The Dream Team Racing Stable feels like a big family and I can't wait to have my horses get to the track." (B., Georgia)