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Partner Benefits

As a Dream Team Racing Stable partner/owner, you will gain access to every aspect of thoroughbred racing; from the morning workouts to the race day preparations, you will be a part of your horse's progression every step of the way including direct access to our "Team of Excellence" staff.

Below is a listing of several of the benefits that Dream Team Racing Stable partners enjoy...the pride of ownership feeling; priceless.

Winner's Circle – There is no doubt that a visit to the winner's circle with your horse has to be one of the most exciting moments in sports. We, at DTRS, have been fortunate to share this special moment with many partners. In the event of victory, you are invited to join in the ceremonial winner's circle photo and presentation of trophy when applicable to celebrate your horse's triumph.

Photos, DVDs and Trophies – Dream Team Racing wants to ensure that any visit to the winner's circle provides a long lasting positive experience and offers our winning horse's partners an opportunity to have the winner's circle photo, DVD and trophy replica when available.

DTRS Owner's Lapel Pin – Make sure to show your horse's silks with your Dream Team Racing Stable's lapel pin. Contact your DTRS representative to ensure you get yours in time for your next race and wear it to the track each and every time you attend.

Paddock & Saddling Area – Prior to every race, the visit to the paddock is one of the most regal events in our sport. It is a great opportunity to have a close up view of the preparations leading up to the race. Be a part of the "pre-game" strategy between the trainer and the jockey as the stable-hands prepare your horse for its race. It is important to note that your DTRS representative and / or trainer will be your host while in the paddock area and respect their directions for the sake of safety and order.

Viewing of the Race – Enjoy the pageantry of the Post Parade by the rail or in the reserved owner's area; your DTRS representative will point you in the right direction for the best view as you prepare to watch your thoroughbred race.

Seats and Restaurant Reservations – Your DTRS staff will assist you in securing seats and / or restaurant reservations for the day of your horse's race. There are resources available to our stable and to you that ensure you have an enjoyable day at the track.

Stable, Barn and Farm visits – Dream Team Racing Stable encourages all our partners to experience a morning visit with us at the track and / or barn. You will often have an opportunity to meet with the trainer one on one and even observe the handlers take care of your equine athlete. You can watch the care that goes in to getting your horse ready for its top performance on race day. There will be plenty of activity to watch so please contact your representative to assist in the wonderful experience and proper care during your visit.

Exclusive Access - As a partner of a Dream Team thoroughbred, you will have insider's access to the best seating, dining and facilities when visiting with your horse for the top races in the country.

Owner's License – DTRS encourages all partners to obtain an owner's license for the states where your horse runs. Depending on the track and state, this will entitle you to free parking in the owner's lot, clubhouse admission and access to the stable and paddock areas. Our staff will be more than happy to assist you in securing your credentials.  Please note that in some states it is a requirement while not in others; it is also dependant on the amount of shares you own.

Sales / Auctions – Dream Team Racing Stable representatives attend many of the major thoroughbred auctions and sales events; partners are encouraged to join us during the festivities. Even during the busy sales schedule, we will make time to ensure each partner enjoys their visit.

Web Site Private Area Access – As a DTRS partner, you will have inside information and update on the stable's horses as they prepare to make it to the track.

Income Earnings & Returns – There are several ways for partners to earn a return on their investment. Purse earnings are the first and primary way with the typical shares identified and reported below. There is also the opportunity to earn revenue if a horse is sold (for racing or breeding).

*Purse Distribution (may vary slightly from state to state and track to track):

First Place – 60% of the total purse / Second Place – 20% of the total purse / Third Place – 10% of the total purse / Fourth Place – 5% of the total purse / Fifth Place – 4% or less of the total purse / most races will extend a share of the purse to all finishers in variable and diminishing amounts.

Several additional variances complete 100% of the purse (Trainers typically receive ten percent of horse's purse earnings. Jockeys receive five to ten percent of the horse's purse earnings and a flat fee of $60 to $100 per mount. There are also some additional backstretch monies that may be deducted by the state association and/or tracks.)

  ...note from a partner...

  blue-star.jpg "Being a part of Dream Team Racing has been a very positive and fulfilling life experience. They are very professional, knowledgeable and encourage you to make the most of your ownership priveleges. I have gained a better appreciation for the industry through Dream Team by having access to the farms, barn areas, race day venues and trainers while watching the development of our thoroughbreds." (M., Indiana)