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Testimonials from Partners

At Dream Team Racing Stable, it's the partners that make the difference and we believe that as long as we stay focused on our current model of priorities on the horse, the partner and the stable, we'll continue to enjoy the many successes and build life long relationships. 

Our partners make up a key component to the stable's success as we continue to pursue our goal of providing the highest value proposition in horse racing syndication.

Here are some of the comments from DTRS partners...

  • "I have been a partner with other thoroughbred syndications in the past, and no one besides Dream Team provides you with the thrill of thoroughbred ownership at the highest level and at such an affordable syndication price. I did the math!! Dream Team works!!!" (R., Missouri) 
  • "Best wishes to the 'Dream Team' - I love it!" (C., NBA MVP, All-Star, Hall of Famer, National Sports Commentator)  
  • "I am so fired up about all the things going on at the stable!!! I can only imagine how good the future will be. Having been a part of many syndication opportunities, this is the 'Dream Team' to me!" (P., Indiana)    
  • "I wish Dream Team Racing had been around before I bought my first thoroughbred as they would have saved me a ton of money. They have found horses like Mucho Macho Man for their partners...how cool is that! I highly recommend them for any new potential owners."(R., Nevada)
  • "The professional and honest team at Dream Team Racing has it all under control. After racing horses in Australia and New Zealand, I wanted to try something different. Thank goodness I chose Dream Team for my first northern hemisphere venture. You get answers to any questions you might have and their horses give you a great chance of winning. Your horse will be well placed, well ridden and well trained. There is no doubt that your investment will be well taken care of; no worries mate!" (I., Australian Racing Journalist for THE New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing Monthly)   
  • "Thank you for a great ride along with your support and friendship in our partnership" (D., Georgia)
  • "Congratulations on the new look of Dream Team Racing. The recent changes to your stable continue the high value offered to us as parnters and your timely communication and updates are exceptional."(C., New York)
  • "Dream Team is the perfect way for any first timer or those wishing to re-enter ownership for an affordable investment with all facets being managed extremely well by the executive team." (G., Florida)    
  • "There are no words to describe the thoughts and emotions surrounding the life changing events with Dream Team Racing. Many spend their lives "dreaming" about a chance like this and we are living it after making a phone call and celebrating today. Thank you for allowing us to take this incredible journey with you for such sweet dreams." (B., Kentucky) 
  • "I never thought that I could afford to participate in horse ownership at this high level. Thank you Dream Team Racing." (K., Illinois)   
  • "DTRS has been the perfect vehicle to introduce us to the great sport of thoroughbred racing. The 'Team of Excellence' has been completely forthright and accommodating to us from day one and partnering with DTRS has exceeded all of our expectations." (R., New York)   
  • "Excellent communication and response to any question has been my experience since the start. The connections put the horse first and are very accomodating to all the partners; regardless if only owning one share. The recent changes are exciting and the quality additions are perfectly timed to send the clear message that DTRS intends to become even a more significant force in the thoroughbred industry." (F., Kentucky)   
  • "I highly recommend Dream Team Racing Stable. Being a partner for years, I know first hand that this is a very professional horse racing organization and makes you feel like a part of the family." (K., Pennsylvania)   
  • "There aren't many partnerships who allow folks to get in at a 1% level in good young racing prospects. Without your model, those of us trying to break into the industry, especially at a relatively young age, are faced with low-level claimers or ultra-markup partnerships. Having done the low-level claimer partnerships and talked with the high-enders; both options don't have the value that Dream Team Racing offers. You are bringing a younger generation to an industry that desperately needs it. Thanks again for everything you do!" (S., Georgia) 
  • "We have enjoyed being a part of several horses with Dream Team Racing Stable. As the stable continues to go big time, we hope to be along for the ride every step of the way. Regardless if we own shares of all the horses, we take an interest in all DTRS runners." (J., Maryland) 
  • "Being a partner located in Australia has been a challenge but Dream Team has met all my expectations and more. I often get up in the dead of night to watch the races from my home and it's so exciting to be cheering on my own horses as they roar down the stretch. The communications are so good that I forget that I live half-way around the world. To be a part of this entity has been a dream come true - they are really the Dream Team." (P., Australia)   
  • "You should be called 'Fantasy Team Racing Stable' - thank you for allowing us to come along on this fantasy ride of a lifetime" (M., Kentucky) 
  • "Dream Team has provided me with the opportunity to be a partner in a sport that I could not afford otherwise. And even though I just own a few shares in a few horses, I feel like a primary partner with the way they treat me. I love these guys and wouldn't even consider another partnership. They know what they are doing!" (T., Canada)   
  • "Kudos to the Dream Team for providing outstanding value, service and communications. You have made all my dreams come true." (T., Tennessee)