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Why DreamTeam?


Our philosophy is quite simple...

Dream Team Racing Stable (DTRS) has developed an excellent model for identifying acquisition opportunities of quality equine athletes. Once a horse is purchased, the next step is to surround it with the best people in the industry at every phase of development and provide the foundation for a successful career.

There is no horse we purchase that we would not be willing to own 100% of, if no shares are syndicated. It is this premise that enables us to make sound decisions on any equine prospect and ultimately provide the highest possible value proposition to our partners.

Each year, DTRS visits many farms and attends most of the major auctions in Kentucky, Florida, Maryland, and New York looking for prospective thoroughbreds. We concentrate on horses with very good conformation.

While there is no such thing as a perfect horse, we only consider horses that fit our model and standard. With any conformation flaw, we make a determination of what we think will happen as the horse matures. Will it likely diminish, stay the same, or become worse? If after such consideration, we believe it is something we can accept, we then analyze its impact on the career of the horse.

As a team, we exercise prudent judgement on those identifiable issues that have the potential for failure under the duress of training and make a decision to either pass or move forward with the purchase.

Throughout the year, we constantly review the statistical data of current and past offsprings of all active sires and mares. From this information, we can ascertain which available bloodlines represent the greatest potential for success within our budgetary guidelines.

Once we identify the available young horses that have the "genetic and market aptitude" to succeed in the sales ring and on the track, they must be closely inspected to ensure they possess the correct physical attributes to withstand the rigors of training and racing. Proper physical conformation reduces the risks of future ailments that may inhibit racing performance.

We thoroughly review all pertinent statistics in arriving at our estimate of value for each horse. If we are able to purchase a horse for the value we established (or less), we will acquire the horse. If not, we simply pass on it and look for the next athlete to join our string and barn.

Investing in racehorses for the sole purpose of earning a quick return is unsound at best. Even with DTRS' proven successes, an investment should not be undertaken lightly and the staff encourages a thorough investigation on the opportunities.

The DTRS team will be happy to guide you through the process to ensure a high comfort level is in place.

Unparalleled customer service and attention are the foundations for the "Team of Excellence" and commitment to our partners.

Our Dream Team Racing Stable's silks clearly define the pillars to our success model in the representation of the three bold stars on each sleeve...

 blue-star.jpg The Horse

 blue-star.jpg The Partner

 blue-star.jpg The Stable

  ...note from a partner...

blue-star.jpg"When I purchased my first horse, I had no idea what I was doing. After several contacts with the team, I realized that this was an organization that I could trust...I was made aware of the risks and rewards associated with horse ownership. Six months later, I was standing in the winner's circle when my first horse won its first start. I can't begin to describe what that was like. You need to experience it yourself and Dream Team has made my dreams come true and they can do the same for you." (K., Colorado)